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Zero Emission protect our environment

Together We Can Make Our Future Worth Living, Today

Be the Planet’s Hero

An average household emits 15 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Our growing use of cars, ACs, refrigerators, TVs, and other appliances is increasing our carbon footprint, which is rapidly turning our beautiful planet into a scorched wasteland. The time is running out, and fast!

We all know what we must do. But, are we doing enough for our planet? Zero Emission offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to truly make a difference!

Together, we can stall climate change, or at least drastically slow it down. The best part? We make this happen not by asking you to reduce your consumption, but by making small changes to your lifestyle.

Are you ready to be the hero our planet needs?

What We Do?

Zero Emission e.V. is an association of likeminded people with a shared goal – promoting the adoption of technologies that drastically reduce CO2 emissions. We finance renewable energies, alternative energies, and promote their adoption by households and businesses. We build solar plants, CHP plants, wind turbines, adsorption refrigeration systems, fuel cell systems, and more.

One of our visions is to make households entirely energy-efficient with zero CO2 emissions.

What Types of Membership Exist?

  • Green Membership for membership fee of 100 €/a

  • Gold Sponsoring Member Fee for municipalities, companies and private persons 200 € / a

How We Do It?

We have identified and fund the technological breakthroughs and the most practical solutions that reduce or eliminate CO2 emissions. Some of the initiatives that we are promoting:

  • Organic Rankine Cycle

A steam turbine operating procedure that reuses hot exhaust fluids in power plants and converts waste heat into power.


  • Self-Sufficient Households

Use of electrolysis to convert solar power into Hydrogen and then in inexpensive containers, instead of expensive batteries which reduces power storage costs. Power can by burning Hydrogen, which creates water. This technology can make most households in Germany self-sufficient.


  • Wind Energy

Wind is one of the cleanest, safest, and cheapest power source. We plan to increase its share of the power mix in Germany.


  • Biogas

A more efficient and promising alternative fuel to the fossil fuels, Biogas can easily replace most fossil and is renewable.

What We Need From You?

Like all great things, our initiative comes with many challenges. We require resources and continued support. We get both through our “CO2 Certificates” initiative. This initiative offers individuals and businesses sponsorship-based membership. Your membership contributions accumulate into project funds. When sufficient resources are gathered, we finance carbon-reduction technologies. It’s that simple.


Join us. Let’s reduce your household’s or your SME enterprise’s CO2 emissions to zero this year. By choosing the right membership – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – you can make a difference that is appropriate for you.


With temperatures rising every year, the fate of the planet now rests in your hands!


environmental and carbon footprint

Each of us has an environmental and carbon footprint that determines how we pollute our environment through our own, consciously and unconsciously. We want to focus on the carbon footprint and help reduce it.

Climate protection is important to all of us. But some wonder, how can I contribute to this?
Become a member of Zero Emission e.V., the association that cares about climate protection. With your contributions, we finance technologies that reduce CO2 or help those with the biggest carbon footprint compensate their emissions when they have no way to do so.

Since we have been committed to renewable energy for years and since we unfortunately repeatedly hear that the goals set are not achievable, we have founded this association. With decades of experience in building technologies that help reduce CO2 emissions, we are able to truly aid the environment.

As a climate change solution, we want to invest in technologies that make a significant CO2 reduction possible.
By using bio gas with a CHP, the generation of clean electricity is a climate change solution.

Our commitment is to build solar systems, CHP plants, wind turbines, adsorption refrigeration systems and fuel cell heating systems with hydrogen operation. One of our visions is a fully energy-efficient house without CO2 emissions.

All these tasks help to make an immediate difference.

All beginnings are difficult. We therefore start with the "CO2 Certificates" initiative as the basis of the sponsoring membership. As soon as sufficient resources are available, we realize projects that enable the reduction of the carbon footprint by generating bio-gas and bio-electricity.

Who wants to reduce his CO2 emissions in the household, about 15 tons per year, or in the SME enterprise, can do this by the different support memberships (bronze, silver, gold) in the appropriate extent.

The goal of Zero Emission is to realize greater emission reductions through your membership and the development of a strong community that can work together to achieve great things.

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